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Fastest Minimalist WordPress Theme

Are you searching for the fastest minimalist wordpress Theme? When I first started using the hosted wordpress blog platform, the first theme I used was a free one. I used the wordpress theme Go Fresh. I downloaded it from one of my favorite wordpress blog wpexplorer. Soon I realized that wordpress and wordpress plugins are updated very often… Read More »

Child Theme Configurator WordPress Plugin

Child Theme Configurator is a wordpress plugin created by lilaeamedia aimed primarily at creating a child theme without editing anything from your wordpress site. I created my child theme through this very efficient and handy wordpress plugin. You can easily create child themes and customize styles, templates and functions. Enqueues stylesheets and web fonts. Handles rgba, vendor-prefixes and… Read More »

Speed Up Your WordPress Blog In 3 Simple Ways

Would You Like To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog? Would you like to have a Google page speed grade of 96% and Yahoo Yslow grade of 92%. Would you like your wordpress blog to have a page load time of 1.04 seconds. Who doesn’t, right? You can  Speed Up your wordpress blog in 3 simple ways. I was able… Read More »

Easy Way To Install Google Analytics In WordPress

Majority of websites and blogs I read generally recommends 2 ways to install Google Analytics in wordpress blog. These websites and blogs recommends that Google Analytics should be installed in wordpress blog in the following ways: There are lots of wordpress plugins to choose from where Google Analytics can be installed. One blog I read said that it… Read More »

Creating WordPress Child Theme The Easy Way

Have you ever tried creating wordpress child theme?   Have you ever tried buying a premium wordpress theme that you like? You make all the customizations like changing the fonts or colors. Perhaps you bought a 2 column theme and customized it to make it a one column theme. You spend countless hours or days in the customer… Read More »