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Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review

This is a brief and concise godaddy managed wordpress hosting review for those needing a quick view of what managed wordpress does godaddy offers. Godaddy is one of the giants of the web hosting world. It is also one of the best known domain name registrar in the world. As a web hosting company, it used to offer… Read More »

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting Expedited Site Migration

Flywheel Managed WordPress hosting announced that it will provide an affordable expedited site migration for those who has a blog hosted somewhere. Flywheel Managed WordPress has been migrating sites for free for a time now. Site migration usually takes 24 hours to 48 hours. Site migration can now be expedited to be done in eight hours for an… Read More »

Fastcomet Managed WordPress Hosting

I was looking for a cheap, fast and reliable managed wordpress hosting to host my second blog. I found fastcomet managed wordpress hosting. My First Blog is hosted on Namecheap.  I paid 9.88 US Dollar for the 1st year. It comes with a free .website domain. It will renew at the price of 38.88 US Dollar per year.… Read More »

What Is An Inode In Web Hosting?

You may be new in web hosting and come accross the term inode. What is an inode in web hosting? An Inode, in laymans term usually equals Sometimes, one file may consists of more than one inode because of its large size. An Inode, in a technical term is short for index node. In Unix-based file systems, an… Read More »

Resource Limit Is Reached What To Do?

So finally, Your resource limit is reached and your web host warned you to upgrade your hosting plan to a higher hosting tier or to reduce your resource usage. You were surprised right? You subscribed to a shared web hosting plan of your present web host based on its very convincing advertisement like free domain for life, unlimited… Read More »