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What Is An Inode In Web Hosting?

You may be new in web hosting and come accross the term inode. What is an inode in web hosting? An Inode, in laymans term usually equals Sometimes, one file may consists of more than one inode because of its large size. An Inode, in a technical term is short for index node. In Unix-based file systems, an… Read More »

Resource Limit Is Reached What To Do?

So finally, Your resource limit is reached and your web host warned you to upgrade your hosting plan to a higher hosting tier or to reduce your resource usage. You were surprised right? You subscribed to a shared web hosting plan of your present web host based on its very convincing advertisement like free domain for life, unlimited… Read More »

FastComet Hosting Review

This Article is about FastComet hosting review. FastComet is a US Web Hosting corporation based in San Francisco, California. FastComet Hosting has been in the business for more than 7 years. This company has been known for its SSD (Solid State Drive) Cloud Hosting solution and it is one of the most accessible and affordable. FastComet Hosting is… Read More »

The Fastest Web Host

I was searching for 2 weeks now where to find the fastest Web Host. Not that I am not satisfied with my present web host, namecheap. I am in fact a happy and a satisfied customer. I paid just $9.88 for one year of hosting and it comes with a free .website domain and a free domain privacy.… Read More »

Advantages Of Solid State Drive In Web Hosting

What are the advantages of solid state drive in web hosting? One of the criteria you must use in choosing a web host is the type of storage device it uses. I prefer to sign with a web hosting provider who offers me a a limited storage space for as long as it is a solid state drive… Read More »