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How To Install Google Chrome In Linux Mint?

Install Google Chrome in Linux Mint and you will experience a fast and feature rich internet browser. I am new to using Google Chrome for Linux. I usually use Mozilla Firefox for my everyday internet activities. When I installed my first ever Linux Mint operating system, It came pre-installed with Mozilla Firefox web browser and Epiphany web browser.… Read More »

Jetpack Features To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

The Primordial consideration of every new blogger is to increase traffic to their blog. One can not effectively monetize a blog without a substantial amount of traffic. In search of ways to increase traffic to your blog, you may have stumbled upon these advise from seasoned bloggers enumerating the ways in which they increased their blog visitors. They… Read More »

How To Disable Cloudflare From Your Domain

How To Disable Cloudflare from your domain is the search term I used in the Google search bar to learn the ways of removing or deleting cloudflare. Most of the results came from solutions posted in the knowledge base of most webhosting company. Their tutorial simply says the following: Hostgator 1. Log into cPanel. 2. For Shared customers,… Read More »

How To Reduce Image File Size In Your Post

Reduce image file size in your blog posts. This will contribute to the faster loading of your website. Most bloggers started blogging with a site hosted on a shared hosting plan. You may perhaps be one of those who are lured into the so-called unlimited in everything like storage space and bandwidth. But the truth is, unlimited is… Read More »